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Welcome to GBAR Kennels, home of the working American Pit Bull Terrier, and the show stopping American Bully. We are a small kennel in Southern Arkansas about an hour and a half from the Arkansas/ Louisiana state line. Although we feel like one of the few to stand with a foot on both sides of the fence, we strongly understand the differences between the two breeds and we will not hesitate to educate! GBAR is actually the brand used to distinguish the cattle as property of Garmany Farms. So the name GBAR Kennels worked out in a way that allowed our Kennel to be something of it's own while keeping it cozy and close to the heart as part of the farm.

Currently we consider our kennel to be "up and coming". At this point, we are in the stage of establishing a foundation that is not only, an asset to the breeds we advocate, as well as in good standing with each breed's, both mental and physical, standards, but is also something unique, that sets our dogs apart as GBAR dogs, something all our own. In consequence our litters and available puppies will be seldom and far between. Any breedings at this time will be for our own advancement and few if any pups will be available for public sale.

R.I.P. BetelGeuse. You will be missed.

Congratulations to our boy Moto he is now a UKC American Bully Champion!

Loveless also won the total dog award 05-25-14!

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